ANTIOIL Rubber Serie
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SERIE SG                                                SERIE RURT                                    

Technical informations



b L d

Weight g

Capacity Kg

SGP125 125 30 38 15 150 70
SGT125 125 30 38 15 150 70
RURT80P 80 21 22 10 50 40
RURT80T 80 21 22 10 50 40


bulletRanges SG and RURT are enriched from the nice form and from the moved tread.
bulletBuilt to replace the famous ranges SM-SL.
bulletThe both equal sides permit the assemblage on swivel castors too.
bulletThere are two types of rubber: SGP and RURTP item, with an external tread in recycled rubber, are cheapier, to be used in absence of hydrocarbons or chemical agents in general. SGT and RURT in thermoplastic anti-track and anti-oil rubber with hardness 75 SHA.

Ps: Items shown in this page are available in grey antitrack rubber too.