Serie SE
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Technical informations 



b L



  Weight   g 

Capacity kg 
SE200 200 44 44 8 15 300 60
SE250 250 48 40 11 20 475 70


Industrial wheels with a first quality polypropylene center and a rim made of recycled powdered rubber, to be used in absence of hydrocarbons or chemical agents in general.

Principal characteristics

bulletThis range, with a clean and smooth form, finds its usual employment in machines equiped with closed covering.
bulletSE wheel has been realized for obtaining low costs of building, maintaining the same characteristics of SP wheel (internal center in PP and tread in powdered rubber).

It is used on economic machines produced on large scale (little high-pressure cleaners, compressors, vacuum cleaners).

bulletIt presents an easy construction, but it keeps a nice aspect given from streakings in relief and from couloured cap that hides the lockwasher.

Ps: SE range is available in grey antitrack rubber too.