Personalized Wheels
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With this illustration we want to show some of the wheels made by request of our customers.

We design wheels and moulds using CAD/CAM technology and we carry out in our workshop the necessary equipment for the production of new items.

In close co-operation with the technical office of our customers there have been developed some kinds of fastening systems that have allowed an optimization on the following assembly at the assembly-line. Some wheels can be assembled easily, making a little pressure on the machine.

We have carried out a crown gear wheel in order to give movement to the lawn-mowers. We made wheels that could fit the form and colour of the machine on which they had to be set. Moreover we produce wheels that have the possibility to brake to guarantee the parking of the trolley.

We have realized a lot of personalized covers with the mark and the name of our Customers.

Therefore we invite you to expose us your necessities so we can find together the right solution.