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Strong of a long tradition in planning and building of mouldes for rubber and plastic materials, Tarchi Roberto started to produce industrial wheels in 1984 with the clear purpose of following a new concept, caring particularly for design and quality.

RT company has been quickly known on national and international market, arriving to obtain a remarkable and strong slice of market, constituted from the leader factories of different sectors.

For this reason and for the high grade of automation reached, RT produces about 10 millions of wheels per year and it is at the first places of classification of plastic and rubber wheels producers in Europe.

We are able to produce, for our affectionate Customers, great quantity of wheels in short time, with a higher quality standards than our competitors.

Thanks to our machines-park formed by 20 newest injection moulding machines, with clamping force from 30 to 350 tons, we can mould items that have a weight of few grams to 2 kilos.

For production of wheels we use polypropilene of first quality, thermoplastic and vulcanized rubbers.

Moreover, with recycled rubber, we help the recycling and re-utilizing of 1000 tons per year of rubber coming from getting rid of car tires; RT takes care also for Nature!

The reason of our success is due, to the internal presence of an high qualified technical office that collaborates with our customers in planning of wheels and special applications; supported by a machine-shop in the van, composed by technicians who work on modern CNC tool-machines, completely employed to realization of moulds for producing new items.

At the same time the commercial office, managed by qualified collaborators, constantly follows the right executing of orders, from acceptance to production and, in the end, to the delivery of finished good.

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